Do more for the planet

We strive to create solutions that reduce the environmental impact of our operations and products. We are mindful of the impact we leave on the environment and we endeavour to leave a positive legacy in every way we operate

Our Team

We’re experts in the exhibition and events industry, having been involved in the design, fabrication and installation of show halls, stands and exhibitions all over the world. Over time, we have built up a wealth of experience we can draw on to help you achieve your goals.

Why Expo?

EXPO Services is part of Marsden Direct Group of Companies – a print, media and marketing services communications group based in Loughborough. 

We have over thirty years of experience dedicated to the exhibition and events industry. We provide the finished products and services you need for your UK and European exhibitions and events.

As well as supporting large public events across the UK, our team also works with businesses to create effective multi-channel marketing campaigns that target their specific audiences.

Only one Earth

Due to our continued growth and awareness of the environmental impact that some installations can create, within group, we have just invested over £500k in new eco-production equipment. This includes an HP R2000 latex printer and one of the largest digital CNCs in the UK. By combing this equipment with preferred PVC-free materials, a vast majority of our future print work is fully

On top of this, on World Environment Day 2022 we committed to #onlyoneearth to pledge our alliance to their cause and reduce our eco-footprint across the entire group of businesses.

Our Values

We aspire to the vision of creative and innovative excellence and we have taken the time to invest in our people to support driving sustainable growth. Culturally, we commit to: 

INTEGRITY: We perform with honesty and strong moral principles…

TRANSPARENCY: We are open, truthful and sincere…

FRIENDLINESS: We have a disposition of goodwill, warmth and kindness…

EXCELLENCE: We endeavour to be outstanding in our field… ‘best in class’ for our clients!

From inception, we delivered a ‘customer-first’ attitude and ‘best-in-class’ solutions for our clients.

Eco Ink

We print exclusively with 100% water-based inks that are recyclable and use no harmful chemicals resulting in prints are don’t damage the environment.

Us and the Environment

We combine our passion for print with caring for the planet, from sourcing sustainable print materials to training our employees on environmental issues and having a Zero Landfill Policy in place. We aim to ensure that our business and processes are as environmentally-friendly as possible.

When choosing EXPO Services for your print, you can rest assured that it will be produced in the most environmentally-friendly way possible – using sustainable processes and materials.

Our promise

Our environmentally responsible products are designed to be kind to the planet. We believe that sustainability should be fun, contemporary and easy to work with. That’s why we only use safe materials and design our products with simplicity in mind. Designing and producing eco-friendly solutions that you love and making them available to everyone is what motivates us every day!

Eco Materials

As well as our standard material we have invested heavily in alternative products that when combined with our eco inks result in a fully recyclable product. Ask us about our eco alternatives when placing your order.